Now you can get the friendliness and personal attention of a recruitment boutique


access to top-notch candidates from across Europe.



We empower companies with game-changing talent! With a strong focus on the IT sector,  we recruit experts across industries and across Europe, senior or junior, local or international, from Architect to Zend developer. 


Flexible super-heroes for your IT projects on a short or long term–we find and contract IT freelancers with the most hard-to-find niche talent, across industries and all over Europe. 


We offer psychometric assessment tools in the context of recruitment, staff development or career coaching. The assessment consists of a behavioral assessment questionnaire and a personal feedback session. 


Why work with us

For Clients

Larger candidate pools. 

We also attract candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

More diversity.  

We are experts in international recruitment and developed a powerful network.

Efficient recruitment.

We engage in a variety of sourcing methods, including networking and direct headhunting.

Quality not quantity.

Rather than flooding you with CV’s we provide carefully handpicked candidates.

No risk.

A fee is only due if the candidate has been hired.

For Candidates

It’s about YOU.

We place your skills, experience, career & personal aspirations in the centre of our recruitment work.

Dedicated to freelancers.  

Looking for a next contract? Check out our freelance IT positions across Europe.

Job diversity.  

We offer a diverse range of permanent IT positions, across seniority and industry.

Not sales but HR.

It is in our interest to make permanent placements acting in the interest of you and our clients.

Value based.

Our interaction with you is based on transparency and sincerity.


About us

Founded in 2012, GEMS HR Consulting Sàrl is an innovative recruitment boutique, based and registered in Luxembourg. Within a short period of time we have been able to create a credible track record of providing our clients with IT specialists. For us, success is a by-product of our strong passion to serve companies and individuals. GEMS HR has an international spirit which is reflected by our team, our network, our candidate pool and our clients. 

Vision & Mission

“Releasing potential in individuals and companies”–this is the reason why Gems HR exists. People want to be fulfilled within their career and companies want to harness the potential of their staff to achieve their goals–we believe that these are compatible objectives which will lead towards individual fulfillment and organizational success.  Over time, Gems HR will offer, next to recruitment and assessment, a variety of services targeted towards individuals and companies, which are geared towards releasing and harnessing potential.